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R & O Oils

Valvoline R&O Oils

To provide optimum performance

Valvoline R & O Oils contains top-tier ashless rust and oxidation inhibition (R&O) chemistry in a high paraffinic, high saturates base oil for use in both steam and gas turbines. It is also highly suitable for use in circulating and hydraulic systems where oils are used for long periods of time. In addition to the rust and oxidation inhibition, these oils also exhibit excellent water demulsibility and anti-foam characteristics.  Valvoline R & O Oils meet the performance requirements of General Electric GEK 32568, for their Frame 7 turbines, and Solar ES9-224. In addition, they also meet Cincinnati Machine P-38, P-55, and P-54, Parker Denison HF-0 bench tests, DIN 51524 Part 1, DIN 51515 Part 1, US Steel 125, US Steel 135, AFNOR NFE 48- 603, and other specifications. In ISO 32 to ISO 68, the typical Turbine Oxidation Stability Test (D943) is 6,500 - 7,000 hours.  Other applications include use in compressors, air tools, air line lubricators, vacuum pumps, light duty gears where R&O (rust and oxidation inhibited) oils are specified, select heat transfer, and general lubrication

R&O 32, R&O 46, R&O 68, R&O 100, R&O 150, R&O 220, R&O 320, R&O 460

Tamaños Disponibles: 5gal, 55 gal

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All Fleet CI-4 Plus
Valvoline™ Multi Purpose GM
Valvoline™ ATF Dex Merc
All Fleet Plus
High Performance Gear Oil
SynGard Gear Oil
General Multi- purpose Grease
Palladium Grease
Premium Blue Classic
Zerex Extended Life

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All Fleet CI-4 Plus
Valvoline™ All Fleet Plus
Valvoline™ Multi Purpose GM
Valvoline™ General Multi-Purpose
High Performance Gear Oil
Valvoline™ Palladium Grease
Valvoline™ Optimun Choice Grease
Valvoline™ Drive Train Transmission Oil
Valvoline™ AGMA EP Gear Oils
Valvoline™ Rock Drill Oils
Valvoline™ Unitrac Fluid
Valvoline™ AW
Premium Blue Classic
Zerex Extended Life
Valvoline™ ATF Dex Merc

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Refrigerante de Climas Cálidos
Valovoline Premium Blue Classic
Valvoline™ Outdoor Two Cycle
Valvoline™ ATF Dex Merc
General Multi- purpose Grease
Valvoline™ Premium Blue
Valvoline Brake Fluid
Power Steering Fluid
MaxLife™ ATF
Valvoline Premium Blue™ Extreme
Valvoline™ CVT
MaxLife Motor Oil
Valvoline™ Premium Conventional
DuraBlend™ Synthetic Blend Motor Oil
Valvoline™ ATF + 4
DuraBlend™ Gear Oil
Multi-Purpose Grease GM
Valvoline VR1
SynPower™ Full Synthetic Motor Oil
Zerex™ para Vehículos Asiáticos
Zerex™ Fórmula Original
Zerex Dex-cool

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Valvoline 4-Stroke Motocicletas

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Hojas de Especificaciones y MSDS

Quienes Somos

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Lubricantes Internacionales de Guatemala, S.A. (LUISA), Una compañía con mas de 15 años de experiencia, Distribuidor de productos VALVOLINE.

20 Calle 26-55 zona 12, Ofibodega 900 del Complejo Empresarial El Cortijo III



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